Static Dissipative Mats

Static dissipative are designed to drain the Electro Static charge from items placed on the mat. Mat should be grounded to be most effective. Dissipative mats are rated middle range of ESD matting and have a surface resistance of more than 1 x 10 5 ohms/square but less than 1 x10 11 ohms/square. Must of static dissipative mats have anti-fatigue properties to provide workers comfort and safety.

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Comfort Flow Mat
Product ID IMSCF

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DrainableFood ServiceOil-Grease ResistantAnti-SlipWelding Safe

3/8" thick and constructed of 100% High Density Nitrile Rubber cushion, Comfort Flow Mat is far superior in grease and oil resistance than other "grease proof" mats. Meets all Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Non-skid backing, anti-microbial treated.

Comfort Scrape Mat
Product ID IMSCS
Oil-Grease ResistantAnti-SlipWelding Safe

Low profile design with a 3/8" thick slip resistant surface, Comfort Scrape's 100% high density, closed cell nitrile rubber cushion provides maximum resistance to waters, oils, greases, chemicals and animal fat.

Cushion Stat Anti-Static

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Cushion Stat is a dissipative/anti-static mat made from a NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® PVC sponge, specially formulated to absorb static electricity keeping sensitive electronic circuitry safe from damage.

Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue Mat
DrainableFood ServiceOil-Grease ResistantAnti-SlipWelding Safe

Cushion Station is a anti-fatigue mat that offers bare-foot comfort. This cushion mat is anti-static, welding safe, grease proof and is treated with an anti-microbial agent.

Diamond Stat Matting
Anti-Slip Anti-Static

The 9/16" Diamond Stat™ is a conductive/anti-static mat designed to absorb static electricity by draining static electricity from the worker keeping sensitive circuitry from being damaged.

Hog Heaven Confetti Mat
Anti-SlipWelding Safe

Available in two thicknesses: 5/8" and 7/8", the Hog Heaven™ Confetti Mat is durable with an environmentally friendly all rubber textured surface that is attractive and slip resistant. Texture top available in different colors.

Traction Hog II Mat
Product ID IMSTH
DrainableOil-Grease ResistantAnti-SlipWelding Safe

The Traction Hog II mats Diamond Patterned Grit Top provides a slip resistant surface in wet and oily environments. Available with or without holes, this 1/4" mat is grease and oil proof, chemical resistant and welding safe. Anti-microbial treated.

Traction Tread Rubber Runners

Traction Tread Soft runners are chemical resistant and offer anti-fatigue comfort and floor protection. The 1/8" mats are UV protected, anti-microbial treated and designed for various applications.

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