Anti-Fatigue Mats

Heavy duty, durable and versatile matting when worker comfort and safety is a must. Anti-fatigue Mats for wet and dry areas; drainable mats to prevent slipping and falling; welding safe and flame resistant mats; and modular systems easily assembled to fit any layout.

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Anti-Fatigue Mats - Dry

Anti-fatigue mats for dry environments where comfort and durability are critical. Ideal for work stations, assembly lines, lab testing areas, pharmacies, check-out counters and any dry area where longer lasting fatigue protection is required.

Anti-Fatigue Mats - Wet

Anti-fatigue & safety mats for wet environments where anti-fatigue, drainage and slip-resistant are all a priority. Ideal for commercial kitchens, food processing plants and any wet area where secure footing is required.

Modular Tiles / Linkable Mats

Multi-purpose Interlocking and linkable mats & tiles are designed for covering large or custom shape areas. Safety and anti-fatigue properties. Available with or without color stripes. Linkable mats solid tiles are designed for use in dry worker areas where safety, comfort and protection is required. Our linkable drain-thru matting is designed with drainage holes to allow liquids to pass through.

Welding Safe Mats

Welding safe mats are specially designed for assembly and metal working areas. The thick surface material expertly repels sparks and hot metal shards. Flame resistant mats are ideal for manufacturing plants and building companies that require extra protection for heavy duty metal work.

Grease-Oil-Chemical Resistant Mats

Anti-fatigue mats for use where oil and grease spills occur. Designed to give comfort to workers, chefs and cooks while resisting oil and grease spills. Also chemical resistant and available with or without holes for use in wet areas as well. Heavy duty and slip resistant.

Industrial Runners

Floor protection mats and runners are commonly used in high traffic areas where you need to cover and protect your floor. Available with anti-fatigue properties in vinyl or rubber.

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