Industrial Matting

Heavy duty, durable and versatile matting when worker comfort and safety is a must. Anti-fatigue Mats for wet and dry areas; drainable mats to prevent slipping and falling; welding safe and flame resistant mats; and modular systems easily assembled to fit any layout.

Commercial Mats

Functional yet stylish interior and exterior entrance mats and runners that help maintain a cleaner environment; food service and utility mats for commercial kitchens, bars, serving areas, food manufacturing plants, where durability, grease resistant and drainage are needed.

Static Control Mats

Anti-Static, Static Dissipative and Electrically Conductive mats are designed to protect and isolate sensitive equipment and workers from static electricity. ESD mats provide protection from static discharge and comfort for workers. Available in a wide range of sizes and textures. Some of our anti-static mats are anti-microbial and chemical resistant, ideal for use in laboratories or medical parts departments. Most Static Control mats have anti-fatigue properties to provide workers comfort.

NSFI Certified Slip Resistant Floor Mats

NSFI Certification provides the end-user relevant information to make a more informed buying decision.

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