Anti-Fatigue Benefits

You must try our anti-fatigue mats!

Those of you who ever suffered from back pain know the drill. When it really gets bad, aspirin does not offer any relief. Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American suffers more than 1 million back injuries in the workplace every year?

According to the research, there are several causes of back injuries on the job. These include improper lifting, overexerting, and standing on hard surfaces.

Anti-fatigue mats were developed to address the issue of prolonged standing on hard surfaces. When standing for long period of time, blood flow restricts and muscles become static, causing the onset of fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats allow muscles to expand and contract, increasing blood flow and reducing fatigue.

Anti-fatigue mats are available for all types of environments. Some mats are designed to resist chemicals and grease, as well as slippery and/or wet surfaces.

Whether it is industrial, linen, medical, or a combination they all can benefit from anti-fatigue mats:

  • Industrial: assembly line, welders, machine operators.
  • Linen: chefs, cashiers, bartenders, dishwashers.
  • Medical: lab technicians, pharmacy, barbers, nursing homes.
  • Other: laundry workers, teachers, bank staff. offers a wide range of Anti-fatigue mats through our Industrial Mats Solutions branch. We specialize on industrial, anti-fatigue, safety and slip resistant mats. Our commitment is to provide excellent customer service, on-time delivery and superior product quality at a very competitive price.

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