Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor entrance mats are designed to stop mud and larger particles of dirt. Outdoor scraper mats provide aggressive scraping action and trap dirt and debris in recessed areas until mats are cleaned. Scraper mats can be used outside or inside and are made of rubber, vinyl or tough fabrics. All outdoor mats have 100% heavy duty rubber backing to handle heavy traffic use and provide durability. Outdoor rubber mats can be easily cleaned by hosing down and shaking.

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Finger Scrape
Product ID IMSFS

Finger Scrape mats are constructed of tough SBR rubber to remain flexible while withstanding extreme cold. Thousands of tough, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean while suction cups on the underside of the mat help to minimize shifting.

Flex Tip Scraper Mat
Product ID IMSFT

FLEX-TIP - Rubber Fingertip mat. Two thousand finger-like tips/sf. aggressively scrape soil from shoes. Excellent for outdoor use.

Oct-O-Flex Outdoor Mat

Oct-O-Flex's unique design has holes to drain water and debris away from the entrance. The smooth top surface and beveled edges makes it wheelchair and cart friendly. Ideal for high traffic, outside areas.

SuperScrape Outdoor Mat
Product ID IMSSS2

Top Seller

Oil-Grease ResistantAnti-Slip

The durable 3/16" SuperScrape traps tough dirt and grime outside the door. Its specialized oblong molded rubber tread pattern is slip resistant and provides anti-fatigue properties.

WaterHog Classic Entrance Mat
Product ID IMSWC

Top Seller


The 1/4" WaterHog Classic is the ideal mat for use inside or out. It effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture. Its exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent the pile from crushing; extending the product life.

WaterHog Diamond Entrance Mat
Product ID IMSWD

The 1/4" WaterHog Diamond Entry Mat's polypropylene fibers system dries quickly and won't fade or rot. Unique ridged construction effectively removes and holds dirt & moisture below shoe level.

WaterHog Eco Elite Mat

WaterHog Eco Elite 3/8" Entrance Mat is the most environmentally friendly WaterHog mat ever made. The herringbone pattern complements any décor delivering an upscale appearance with high performance dirt and moisture stopping properties.

WaterHog Eco Grand Premier Mat

Beautiful Green friendly mat for indoor or outdoor use, the WaterHog Eco Grand Premier Mat is 3/8" thick and is available in half circle one end or both.

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