Anti-Static Mats

Anti-static mats accept static the slowest and are designed with materials to protect us against harmful static electricity. Antistatic mats have a resistance of more than 1 x10 10 ohms/square but less than 1 x10 14 ohms/square. For a wider range you should look into our Static Dissipative mats. Most of our anti-static mats are anti-microbial and chemical resistant, ideal for us laboratories and healthcare industry. Some available with anti fatigue properties to provide worker comfort.

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Complete Comfort Mat
Product ID IMSCC

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DrainableFood ServiceOil-Grease ResistantAnti-Slip

Complete Comfort anti-fatigue mat is a lightweight, yet incredibly durable and chemically resistant anti-fatigue mat for heavy use. 5/8" thick, anti-static and grease proof, can be used I wet or dry environments. Beveled edges reduce trip hazards

Hog Heaven Fashion Mat

Available in 5/8" & 7/8" thickness, Hog Heaven Fashion mat features a slip resistant solution dyed fabric molded to a solid Nitrile rubber surface for easy cleaning and an attractive appearance.

Hog Heaven Marble Top Mat

Combining the Hog Heaven's cushion with a thick rubber top, the Hog Heaven Marble Top Mat offers a marble appearance and is available in 5 attractive colors and 5/8" & 7/8"thickness. The smooth diamond surface is easy for workers to pivot on and is easily swept clean.

Tri-Grip Indoor Mat
Product ID IMSTG

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Trigrip Indoor Mat is a classic indoor mat with static dissipative 3/8" nylon pile providing outstanding absorption and durability. Solid rubber backing will lay flat and will not crack or curl in all types of weather.

WaterHog Masterpiece Select Mat

WaterHog 1/4" Masterpiece Select entrance mat has an innovative parquet design engineered to scrape dirt and water off feet and combines attractive appearance with durability.

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