Diamond Switchboard Matting
Anti-Slip Anti-Static

NoTrax's Diamond Switchboard Matting is a 3/16" non-conductive floor mat made from a PVC compound, designed to provide insulation for the worker. The mat prevents the worker from being grounded, thereby eliminating the possibility of electrical shock.

Superfoam Comfort
DrainableFood ServiceOil-Grease Resistant

With a full 3/4" thick softer PVC/ Nitrile rubber foam blend that offers greater resistance to a variety of chemicals, cutting fluids, greases, oils and fats, Superfoam Comfort® takes comfort and ergonomic support to the next level.

SuperScrape Outdoor Mat
Product ID IMSSS2

Top Seller

Oil-Grease ResistantAnti-Slip

The durable 3/16" SuperScrape traps tough dirt and grime outside the door. Its specialized circular molded rubber tread pattern is slip resistant and provides anti-fatigue properties.

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