Niru Knob-Top Runner
DrainableFood ServiceOil-Grease ResistantAnti-Slip

Niru Knob-Top Runner's anti-microbial rubber compound is designed to withstand harsh chemicals, greases, oils, and animal fats while creating a slip resistant work surface. Its 1/4" thickness allows for cart traffic to easily traverse the mat. Reversible.

Polynib Entrance Mat
Product ID IMSPN

With the rich luxurious look of Berber-style carpeting for an always elegant appearance, the 1/4" Polynip's Entrance Mat entraps and hides debris while retaining moisture at the same time.

Switchboard Matting
Product ID IMSSM

A non-conductive matting, NoTrax's 1/4" Switchboard Matting is designed to provide insulation for the worker. Made from a PVC compound, the mat prevents the worker from being grounded, thereby eliminating the possibility of electrical shock.

WaterHog Classic Entrance Mat
Product ID IMSWC

Top Seller


The 1/4" WaterHog Classic is the ideal mat for use inside or out. It effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture. Its exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent the pile from crushing; extending the product life.

WaterHog Diamond Entrance Mat
Product ID IMSWD

The 1/4" WaterHog Diamond Entry Mat's polypropylene fibers system dries quickly and won't fade or rot. Unique ridged construction effectively removes and holds dirt & moisture below shoe level.

WaterHog Masterpiece Select Mat

WaterHog 1/4" Masterpiece Select entrance mat has an innovative parquet design engineered to scrape dirt and water off feet and combines attractive appearance with durability.

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