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Made in the USAAnti-StaticAnti-Slip

The ideal mat for use inside or outside, the WaterHog Classic effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture. Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent the pile from crushing; extending the product life. 100% UV polypropylene fabric that will not fade in the sun and holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Green friendly rubber backing has 15 to 20 % recycled content. Waffle Face Yarn Pattern Available with cleated or smooth back and with rubber (Classic) or Fabric (Fashion) borders. Production time: 3 to 5 business days. This product is available with your custom logo. For information please see our WaterHog Logo Inlay at intermats.com

Size Disclaimer: Please be advised that mat sizes are not exact measurement. Please allow a 3% - 5% variance in all finished mat sizes (tend to shrink) due to materials and manufacturing processes.

Thickness "Dimensions 'Mat ColorPrice/ea.Weight (Lbs)
1/4" Nub Height2' x 3'See color chart below$32.755
1/4" Nub Height3' x 4See color chart below$69.309
1/4" Nub Height3' x 5'See color chart below$81.8012
1/4" Nub Height3' x 8'See color chart below$159.9517
1/4" Nub Height3' x 10'See color chart below$163.6021
1/4" Nub Height3' x 12'See color chart below$228.3526
1/4" Nub Height3' x 16'See color chart below$304.4535
1/4" Nub Height3' x 20'See color chart below$380.5544
1/4" Nub Height4' x 6'See color chart below$130.8518
1/4" Nub Height4' x 8'See color chart below$203.1023
1/4" Nub Height4' x 10'See color chart below$218.1529
1/4" Nub Height4' x 12'See color chart below$304.4535
1/4" Nub Height4' x 16'See color chart below$405.9047
1/4" Nub Height4' x 20'See color chart below$504.4559
For 6' Widths, please see dropdown menu above.

Available Colors (Click to enlarge)
*Indicates color not available in 6' widths.



Custom sizes in 3', 4' & 6' widths up to 60' length available in whole foot increments. For pricing and ordering information email or call us.


1. Premium 24 oz/sq. anti-static Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and won't fade or rot. When wet, the rubber reinforce surface allows water to be wicked to the bottom of the mat away from foot traffic while providing a slip resistant surface.
2. Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
3. Colorfast: Solution dyed for excellent light and we fastness.
4. Unique ridged construction effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level.
5. Exclusive "Water Dam" border keeps dirt and water in the mat and off the floor, minimizing slip hazards and floor damage.
6. Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content and is available in smooth or cleated types.
7. Exclusive rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas, thereby maintaining high performance and extending product life.
8. Should not be used in areas exposed to animal fats (kitchens) or petroleum products.
9. Not adversely affected by salt or ice melt.
10. Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
11. Recommended uses computer rooms, around electronic equipment, malls, banks, hotels, offices, restaurants, healthcare, supermarkets and more.
12. Anti-static.
13. Easy to clean: Just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry.


Surface Fiber Type: Solution-dyed polypropylene, outstanding light fastness.
Weight: 24 oz. per square yard (884 grams per square meter).
Nub Height: 1/4"
Design: Square "waffle"
Backing Type: 00% SBR Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
Thickness: .190" - Nubs .050" - Between Nubs .110" - Border
Durometer: 60 TENSILE: 1400 PSI TESTING Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70 ASTM C 1028-29 Static Coefficient of Friction. Dry .70

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