Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Made in the USADrainableFood ServiceOil-Grease ResistantAnti-SlipWelding Safe

At 7/16" thick, the Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue Mat that offers bare-foot comfort! The physical design of the product in combination with its Nitrile rubber foam structure results in an extremely comfortable mat to stand on or walk across. The Cushion Station mat, available with or without holes, is an extremely versatile anti-fatigue mat. This product is available in several lengths in 3' and 4' widths. The Cushion Station is anti-static, welding safe, grease proof Anti-microbial treated for lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Flexible Nitrile cushion construction can be cleaned easily. May also autoclave to sterilized..Cushion Station mats are ideal for use in machine shops, work stations or other heavy industrial applications, medical facility environments, kitchens, showers, and locker rooms. Production time: 3 to 5 business days.

Size Disclaimer: Please be advised that mat sizes are not exact measurement. Please allow a 3% - 5% variance in all finished mat sizes (tend to shrink) due to materials and manufacturing processes.

Thickness "Dimensions 'Mat ColorPrice/ea.Weight (Lbs)
7/16"2' x 3.2' (24." x 38")Black$52.318
7/16"3.2' x 5.3' ( 38" x 63")Black$162.4822
7/16"3.2' x 8.3' ( 38" x 99")Black$257.8233.8
7/16"3.2' x 12.6 ( 38" x 151")Black$389.3250
7/16"3.2' x 16.8' (38" x 202")Black$520.8866.1
7/16"3.2' x 20.1' ( 38" x 241")Black$653.0482.4
7/16"4' x 5.92' ( 48" x 71" )Black$229.0434.5
7/16"4' x 8.3' ( 48" x 99")Black$322.2842.5
7/16"4' x 12.6' (48" x 151")Black$486.7063
7/16"4' x 20.1' ( 48" x 241")Black$816.28104



1. Anti-microbial treated for lifetime protection against odors and degradation.
2. Highly durable and dense closed cell Nitrile rubber foam combined with uniquely designed construction affords excellent anti-fatigue properties.
3. Grease and Oil proof.
4. Designed for use in wet or dry areas.
5. Is available with holes when drainage is required.
6. Anti-Static.
7. Safe to use at welding stations.
8. Recommended for use medical facility environments, (i.e. operating rooms, delivery rooms, etc.) kitchens, locker rooms, labs, behind bars, kitchens, machine shops, work stations, or other heavy industrial applications.
9. Can be autoclave sterilized.
10. Green 10% recycled rubber content.


Rubber Type: Nitrile Rubber High density closed cell foam (10% recycled content)
Thickness: 7/16"
Available Colors:
Durometer: 50 to 55 TESTING Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70 Anti-Static: Electrical Resistance - IBM (Surface to Ground) ASTM F-150 and NFPA 99 Chapter 12 Section (6) (7), 1990 Average Electrical Resistance at 70&edeg; F. and 50% Relative Humidity. ASTM C1028-96 Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry - .94 Wet = .69 Designed for use in wet or dry areas

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