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Anti Fatigue mats are designed to reduce stresses on the feet and leg when standing for long periods. Most anti-fatigue mats feature a lot of different safety properties like welding safe, slip resistant and anti-microbial. Anti-fatigue mats are available in a wide range of sizes, weight and materials. These mats are designed for use wherever workers spend long time standing and with the Ergonomic properties to help eliminate muscular skeletal disorders. If you are looking for anti-fatigue mats with your custom logo imprinted please visit us at   All anti fatigue mats are considered Safety mats providing safe working areas for employees and visitors to a facility. Safety mats are anti slip and resistant to chemicals, oil and grease. Must Safety Mats have anti-fatigue properties, others can be used as non slip scraper mats ideal for any outdoor heavy foot traffic entrance area. Anti-Fatigue Benefits  
Food service mats, utility mats and food processing mats are suitable for use in commercial kitchens, bars, serving areas, food manufacturing plants, restaurant kitchen areas where durability, grease resistant and drianage are needed. Most of food service mats feature anti-fatigue properties for worker comfort are certified non-slip and have drrainable holes for use in wet areas  Also we offer restaurant entrance mats and interior mats available to stop dirt and moisture from entering your facility.  
Safety mats and non slip mats have the ability to resist skidding by providing traction to reduce the risk of slipping even on wet areas or surfaces covered with oil and grease. These safety mats are made of 100% heavy duty rubber, some are available with anti fatigue properties for worker comfort and others with drainage holes for wet areas. Our anti slip mats are designed to provide added traction through aggressive surface patterns and textures.
Industrial and commercial runners are available in both vinyl floor runner mats and rubber floor runners. Most offer anti-fatigue relief, floor protection and safety. Ideal for aisle ways, warehouses, vendng areas. Low profile matting. Available in rolls and custom sizes.
Anti Static, Static Dissipative and Electrically Conductive mats are designed to protect and isolate sensitive equipment and workers from static electricity. ESD mats provide protection from static discharge and comfort for workers. Available in a wide range of sizes and textures. Some of our anti-static mats are anti-microbial and chemical resistant, ideal for us laboratories or medical parts departments. Must Static Control mats have anti-fatigue properties to provide workers comfort. Anti-Static: Rated 10^10 to 10^14 and accepts static the slowest. Static Dissipative: Rated 10^6 to 10^9 and is the middle range of ESD matting Electrically Conductive: Rated 10^1 to 10^5 and accepts static the quickest.    
Entrance mats for indoor or outdoor use are designed to provide scraping and wiping action to stop dirt and moisture from entering a facility. Entry mats are made of  a wide variety of materials depending the application needed. The typical indoor entrance mats are made of nylon fibers to work as a wiper. Others can be use for indoor or outdoor providing wiper and scraper benefits. For outdoor use the ideal mats are made or tougher fabrics, rubber or vinyl material to channel and retain dust in recessed grooves while absorbing moisture in the fabric face. Outdoor mats can be used for indoors as well. For a seleccion of entrance mats with your custom logo imprinted please visit us at