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Flow Through Mats - Wet Area Solution

Commercial Kitchen Safety Mats

If you work or own a restaurant you know what goes on in the kitchen. Slippery floor, standing water, dirty dishes, oil, grease and food spills, And at the same time a lot of rush to get everything out on time to your customers.

With the use of kitchen mats you can avoid slip and fall accidents and provide comfort to your employees. Restaurant kitchen mats are made of durable rubber and must of them feature drainage holes to allow water and liquids to past through them. Must food service and kitchen mats resist grease and mold/mildew growth as well. These commercial grade kitchen mats are for use in areas of frequent spills and standing water. Ideal for dishwasher areas, bars, chef cooking area, walk-In Freezers, cooking line and carving stations.

Drainable Kitchen Mats

Kitchen drainable mats have excellent anti-fatigue properties to reduce stresses on the feet and leg when standing for long periods. Also safety and slip resistant properties help provide safe working areas for employees and visitors to the establishment. Avoid slip and fall accidents with the correct use of floor mats in your kitchen and restaurant. Please browse through our website and find a wide range of kitchen safety, anti-fatigue and restaurant mats.

Keep your restaurant kitchen safe, protected and comfortable!


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